About MetastableStates.com

In the beginning of 2006, I decided to set up a structure for future business opportunities. Since my areas of expertise are Physical Chemistry and Web Page development, I am focusing on those.

Allegedly, I am an internationally recognized physical chemist who has published numerous papers (70 or so) in the areas of energy transfer kinetics, spectroscopy, and chemical kinetics. The name of this web site comes from the energy transfer work. I developed my scientific reputation, such as it is, in large part because of my studies in the kinetics of long-lived excited states of atoms and molecules, most notably argon and nitrogen. These long-lived states are known as metastable states.

At the beginning of the new millenium, I decided to add web-page development to my interests. I have developed several web sites which focus on being accessible to all. That means, the pages will work in all major browsers, will work for people who need larger font sizes, or have low resolution monitors. I achieve these designs using modern, standards-compliant design techniques. All page designs use up-to-date css techniques with a minimum of "hacks" to make the pages work in a particular browser which, while being popular, is rather dated.

As this site develops, I will be posting links to my published PChem papers in the open literature (and also some unpublished ones that may have results of interest to a few folks) and will also post short articles on web development issues.

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