Physical Chemistry Background

Dr. Lawrence G. Piper is an internationally recognized physical chemist who has published numerous papers in the areas of energy transfer kinetics, spectroscopy, and general chemical kinetics. The name of this web site comes from the energy transfer work. I developed my scientific reputation, such as it is, in large part because of my studies on the kinetics of long-lived excited states of atoms and molecules. These long-lived states are known as metastable states. Like our lives, metastable states are marked by periods of stability followed by sudden change.

For more information, please see my on-line bio and publications list, both in .pdf format. I have converted the list of my journal publications to html and provide hyper links to downloadable .pdf files for a number of individual articles. One of these days, I'll provide access to the more useful of the numerous company reports I wrote. Please e-mail me if you want more information, or an article I haven't posted.

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