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We consult in physical chemistry or will design and maintain your web site. How are the two related? Practicing physical chemistry requires a methodical approach to solving problems. Building a web site that is universally accessible and provides the visitor immediate access to the information he or she is seeking is also an exercise in problem solving. Our expertise is solving problems.

We are just getting started, so some pages may be incomplete for a time. This site's primary value, at the moment, is providing easy access to my publications. Most of the worthwhile ones are available. If you don't see something that you need, send me a note.

Basic Site Index

  • Physical Chemistry   —   a description of our areas of expertise, including:
    • chemical kinetics
    • energy transfer studies
    • Atomic and molecular spectroscopy
  • Web-Site Development   —  including:
    • Our basic philosophy
    • Our web site development tools and techniques
    • quick articles on a variety of issues
  • About   —   who I am
  • Publications   —   a list of my publications, and, links to free copies of most of them.
  • Contact   —   an on-line e-mail form so you can contact me.

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