Web Design Philosophy

I have been designing web sites for about 5 years now. My particular interest is in making sites that are accessible to people using any modern browser at all normal screen resolutions. In particular, I have noticed many sites that no longer work for people with screen resolutions below 1024x768, even though about 20% of internet users still fall into this category. Close to half of internet users still have dial-up connections. My sites will work for these people, but will still look balanced in a modern, high-resolution monitor.

My newer sites use semantic markup and css design through out. All sites are designed to conform to a strict Document Type (xhtml 1.0 strict) and have been validated against W3C standards. Beginning in the spring summer of 2007, my sites will all be hosted on a business-level server, and should render rapidly, even for people on dial up (4 seconds or less on DSL and above).

As this site develops, I will be posting some short articles on web development issues. The following snippets can be considered little more than motherhood statements. So why don't web designers pay attention to them?

My clients include the following:

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